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Die App

operation and control

What’s knXpresso? 

One of the basic ideas behind the development of the knXpresso App was to reduce the No. of switch/BCU combinations in a Home Automation project dramatically.
Based on a KNX home automation system, all necessary actions should ideally be performed by using Android tablets.
Instead of switches, appropriate tablets should be installed in each room at eye level.
The performed actions on a tablet are either related to a specific room, across rooms or even to the entire home installation.


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  • Security

    Email notification

    SMS notification

    Phone call

    Remote Access

  • Temperature

    Simple temperature control of individual rooms

    Remote control

    Intelligent management


  • Shading

    Easy control of shading elements

    Control of individuals or groups

    Automated control (time and/or brightness)

  • Lighting

    Simple and intuitive lighting control

    Creating light atmospheres by setting scenes and time schedules

    Innovative colour illuminations


  • Automation

      Scene triggering events


      Time trigger events to start scenes

      All scenes and scene trigger events can be activated/deactivated and

    during runtime be controlled by lock/release actions.

  • Speech In-Output

    Amazon ALEXA

    Voice control commands

    Speech outputs of execution feedbacks

    Voice alarm informations

  • Charts

    Curve charts

    Up to 7 curves in a chart

    With curve archive for history data presentation

  • Music

    SONOS control

    Device on/off

    Volume control

    Playlist activation

    Internet Radio Station tuning

The functionality of the knXpresso App is created within the ETS tool and not performed separately after an ETS project design.
Each tablet or smartphone is integrated in the ETS project as a regular EIB device (sensor or actuator).
The tablet gets a physical KNX address and will be loaded with the application like a normal KNX device via the ETS tool.
The parameterisation of the knXpresso App is set by an ETS GUI-Plugin, whereby the appearance of each individual page
(e.g. room or functional page such as heating, blind control, alarm, etc.) mirrors the page, which is finally seen on the target device (tablet or smart phone).

Binding the operating elements of a page to the KNX group addresses of a project is getting a simple and straightforward process.
After loading the application to the tablet via the ETS the App will restart automatically.

The knXpresso App runs on all up-to-date Android devices (tablets and smart phones) as of version 4.1.1 or higher.

In addition to the use in private residential buildings, this type of home control and visualization is highly recommended
in commercial buildings such as doctors’ surgeries, law firms, office buildings and so on.
Applying our knXpresso solution will drastically reduce the number of required switch/BCU combinations,
also increase the overview of a single room or the complete house, ensures safety and enhances the property value considerably.
Besides the possibilities of setting scenes and time triggers, alarms and Email alerts for all types of off-limit conditions can be defined.
It makes the operation of a modern KNX Home Automation environment most easy and clearly for the user.


Which features does the app provide?

-Light control
Simple and intuitive light control.
Creating light atmospheres by setting scenes and time schedules.
Innovative colour lighting via DALI gateways.
Intelligent lighting management optimises the balance of daylight and artificial lighting, yielding energy of more than 70 percent.

Easy control of shading elements.
Control of individual elements or groups.
Automated control (time or brightness dependent or a combination of both).

Simple temperature control of individual rooms.
Intelligent room heat management.
Easy control of heating devices such as Junkers or Buderus heating boilers by the integration of the KNX10 gateway.

Via curve representations of analog or digital input signals with archive functions, one can track consumptions
of different media such as gas, water, electrical energy etc.
With those informations it will be possible to optimize the consumptions with automated actions (scenes, time-trigger etc.).

Configurable Email notifications, SMS or telefon calls if limits are violated or alarms are signaled.
Remote Access.

-KNX Time Server
The App can be used as a Time Server for the KNX Bus.

-Speech control
By using the Amazon Echo as voice input, switching and setting commands can be performed.

-Media control
Operation of SONOS Audio devices and Amazon Echo.

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The knXpresso app is manufacturer-independent. However, our hardware can also be purchased optionally.

KNX IP Interface or KNX IP Router

Interface and router are identical




  • Licensing of the knXpresso app is done automatically via the hardware.
  • Simultaneous operation of 4 Android devices with the knXpresso app (Any number of parameterizable)
  • Standard KNX IP interface with 4 tunnel connections
  • Power supply via KNX bus
  • Connection between App and KNX optionally via the secure TCP / IP protocol
  • 4 simultaneous connections
  • Bus programming via ETS
  • “Long Frame” support for ETS5
  • Web interface with device info and firmware updater
  • IP address assignment manually or automatically (DHCP)
  • Each device in the bus system can be reached with the ETS for parameter settings, commissioning, visualization and diagnostics
  • Installation module for 35mm DIN rails (DIN, TH35)
  • Database as of ETS3.0d
  • KNX-certified and CE-compliant




Tablet Holder

Available from Q3 / 2018 – Figure without cover </ p>



  • Suitable for every 10.1 inch tablet
    (Max external dimensions of the tablet: H = 173mm / W = 262mm / D = 10mm)
  • Cable management from two sides connected with a groove at the back
  • Cover made of high-quality plastic in white and black (matt or glossy)
  • Thickness of cover: 2-3 mm
  • Cover is magnetically held





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How many Android devices can be operated with knXpresso?

Theoretically, any number of Android devices can be operated with knXpresso. However, a tunnel connection is required per Android device. On a knXpresso IP interface or router four devices can be operated at the same time, since four simultaneous tunnel connections are possible.

How is licensing done?

Automatically via the knXpresso KNX IP interface or router. Alternatively, a single license can be purchased if another KNX IP interface / router is used. In this case, the device ID of the Android device (see App Settings) is required to create the license key.

How do I transfer a new parameter file without ETS?

By inserting the exported file “knXpresso_UI.xml” into the _knxpresso folder on your Android device (eg via USB or FTP) the parameter file can also be transferred.

Is remote access possible with knXpresso?

Yes, via a VPN connection from the Android device to the router or through a port share on the router / firewall (insecure).

Can knXpresso also be used via browser or is the app also available for iOS?

This is in the planning stage.

What happens if an Android device goes down?

It is possible to run a second Android device with identical configuration in parallel. This enables redundant operation.

What happens in the event of a power failure?

Like any other KNX device, it does not work. Since the Android device usually has a battery, it is possible to send a notification via SMS / Email if there is a power failure.

What version of Android does knXpresso need?

From version 4.1.1 knXpresso can be used.

The corresponding group address is missing during the parameterization. What cause can it have?

Either the group address is not connected to any other communication object of the KNX device or the DPT type does not match the element used.

How can you use the existing group address structure for the parameterization without ETS?

In the ETS it is possible to save the group address structure in the project under Extras on “Export OPC”. This * .esf file can be displayed in the dialog “Find group addresses”.

Can the parameter files in the _knxpresso folder on the Android device be synced to another program?

Yes the parameter files can be edited with a normal text editor. We recommend the editor Notepad ++.

The scene file was changed incorrectly. How can the previous version be restored?

A backup will be created before any changes in scenes or scene triggering. The knXpresso_Scene.bak file is placed in the _knxpresso folder of the Android device and is the backup. To restore, delete the file “knXpresso_Scene.xml” and rename “bak” to “xml”.

Unfortunately, voice commands do not always understand some commands.

Enter a different unique device name for Amazon Echo in the parameterization or rename the device in your Alexa app.

How can blinds be controlled with Alexa voice control?

Unfortunately, Amazon has not yet implemented shutters / blinds. But with a trick over absolute values, if it supports your actor, and the slider with corresponding echo names, blinds can be moved (e.g., “Set window 1 to 50%).

Can I control my Sonos devices with KNX buttons?

Yes, indirectly via the scene trigger.

About us


What makes us unique?

– Easy application configuration for electricians as well for users with little KNX practice.

– A configuration of an ETS project, the modification of a runnning application and the download to a tablet can be done remotely.
This saves commissioning costs and makes required maintenance easy.

– Scenes and time trigger settings can also be performed by the end user with little experience.

– Free addon software (standalone tool) offers the user the ability to perform changes independently.

– No permanent running and expensive server required.

– Versatile design options of user graphic interfaces, especially in terms of colors, operating button designs and logical structure.

– Almost an electrical switch free home is becoming possible through design flexibility of the user interface.

Who is our target group?

In the first place our App is created for electrical contractors and system integrators to offer a modern solution of a KNX Home Automation installation. Acquisition costs for tablets are compensated by the limitation of most switch/BCU combinations and expensive KNX controllers (scenes, time, logic etc.).

Because of the easy engineering environment, our app can also be useful for experienced KNX end users.
It’s an inexpensive enhancement of your KNX building installation, which also offers you an investment protection.

Even the acquirement of an ETS tool (EIB Tool Software) is not necessary. The parameterisations of the tablet pages are possible with the use of a completely compatible standalone configuration tool, assuming the electrician provides the exported KNX group addresses to the end users.

With a set of reusable page templates the design engineer can easily customize a new project.













What is needed?

A KNX Home Automation installation, WLAN router for your wireless home network or a LAN network.(if one connects a tablet via a LAN cable, the tablet must support the Ethernet connection). Android tablet/smartphone as of version 4.1.1 or higher (communication via WLAN or LAN).

IP Interface (4 or 5 tablets interface depending) or maybe more interfaces if the No. of tablets exeeds the interface service.
A knXpresso IP Interface supports the operation of 4 knXpresso Apps and saves licensing costs.
A knXpresso App for each tablet or smartphone.
knXpresso device application for the ETS4 or ETS5 (configuration tool, free of charge).
Stand-Alone version of the knXpresso configuration tool as an alternative to the ETS 4/5 device application
(also free of charge, exported KNX group addresses are required)








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Lothar Koczelnik
Tobias Reeker
Sales / Support

Eva Hartmann
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